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With so many styles to choose from, shopping for your helps to know the terminology, here are the basics...

Wirefree/Non-wired/Soft cup

All these terms are used to describe a bra that has no underwire. Every Royce bra is totally wirefree and is designed using clever shaping, seaming and structure to give the same great support and shape as a wired bra – but with added comfort!


Bilateral pockets

Pockets sewn into both cups of a bra for ladies who have had a mastectomy.  All Royce Caress bras have bilateral pockets.  If the pocket is not required, it simply acts as a super soft lining in the bra and provides additional support.


Cut and sew bra

Cut and sew bras have seams in the cups for shape and support (as opposed to a smooth, moulded cup). Cups can be made up of two, three, four or more pieces of fabric sewn together.


Darted pockets/Shaped pockets/Seamed pockets

‘Shaped’ or ‘darted’ pockets are added to a bra at the time of manufacture. They are shaped to sit within the curve of the bra cup and have a side opening to allow a prosthesis to be inserted if required. If the pocket is not required, it simply acts as a super soft lining in the bra and provides additional support.


Drop cup clips

A feature of all Royce nursing bras, drop cup clips allow the cups to drop down for easy, one-handed access when it’s time to feed baby.


Fabric insert

Some mastectomy bras (for example Champagne Velvet) have a removable, adjustable piece of fabric to give extra coverage at the neck edge for if you are wearing a lower cut top or if you feel you need some additonal coverage following breast surgery.

Flat pockets

Pockets added after a bra has been manufactured. Designed to fit flat against the chest wall, flat pockets hold a prosthesis securely and comfortably and are ideal for larger cup ladies who have had a mastectomy. Can be sewn into the left, right or both (bilateral) bra cups of most Royce Comfort bras.  Please note that we cannot offer a refund or exchange on a bra we have added pockets to and we therefore suggest that you try the item for size first and then return it to us for the pocket(s) to be added once you're happy with the fit.


Foam cup bra

Bras with a thin layer of foam in the cup to prevent nipple show through. Rather than making the bust look bigger, these ‘padded’ foam cups give a nice shape and modesty.


Front Fastening Bra

A bra which opens and closes at the front (usually with poppers), rather than with a hook and eye fastening at the back.  For example our Comfi-Bra and Post Surgery Bra.


Full cup bra

A full cup bra covers almost the entire breast and offers good coverage and excellent support.


Mastectomy bra

A non-wired bra with pockets, designed to hold a prosthesis.  All Royce Caress bras have bilateral pockets.

Moulded bra/seamfree bra/T-shirt bra

Bras that have cups which are moulded from a single piece of fabric and/or foam. Moulded bras are designed to give a good, structured shape and support without any seams – good for giving a smooth outline under t-shirts or other close fitting clothes.  Ultimate Comfort and Georgia are both examples of seamfree t-shirt bras.


Retainer strap

Featured on all Royce nursing bras, a retainer strap is used to keep the shoulder strap in place when the bra is open to feed. Designed to be comfortable without restricting delicate breast tissue.



A panel of fabric that adds extra support around the breast (usually added into the side of the bra cup).


Split cup

A cup which has a seam running through it to give a better, more supportive fit.


X-Static Silver Fibre®

Incorporated into several Royce designs, X-STATIC silver fibre is a technical fabric which is proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-odour, thermo-regulating and permanent. Examples of X-STATIC bra styles are Sadie and Silver Post Surgery.


The piece of fabric that runs from the outer edge of the cup around the back of the bra - and where most of the support should come from.

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