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Fitting advice for pregnancy and nursing

Bras for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your breasts can change size and shape rapidly and can feel tender and sore. For this reason, it is recommended by most health professionals that you wear a well-fitting wirefree bra for pregnancy. A wirefree bra will fit and support you properly, and feel more comfortable than a wired bra (once you are used to the different "feel" of the wirefree - it can feel a bit strange at first if you've never worn one before!).

How will my bra size/breasts change and when?

You will start to notice changes in your breasts almost straightaway, and your changing body shape will mean your bra size can change a number of times during your pregnancy. The abdomen increases in size to accommodate the growing baby and the lower ribs lift upwards and outwards to provide more space in the abdomen. As a result the underband measurement will tend to increase during the pregnancy, until about one month before the baby is born. Hormonal changes may also mean your breasts become more sensitive.

Why is it best to wear non-wired bras during pregnancy?

A wirefree pregnancy bra will give more comfort as your size increases, a wired bra will not expand so readily with your changing shape, and if it's badly fitted it could cause damage to the delicate breast tissues and lead to blocked milk ducts and infections, as well as being extremely uncomfortable.

When should I buy my first maternity bra?

It's best to get fitted for your new non-wired maternity bra as soon as your regular bras start feeling too tight (this can be as early as 4-6 weeks into your pregnancy). After the first fitting, we recommend you visit your local stockist to be re-fitted/checked every six weeks - or whenever you feel you may need to change sizes. Looking after your breasts now will help to avoid any sagging later on. We recommend that you fit your first maternity bras on the tightest eye to allow for the growth of your breasts and your bump!

Why is support so important in pregnancy?

Because of the rapid changes happening to your body, it's really important to get great fitting, supportive bras for pregnancy. Ill-fitting bras and bras with wires can damage the delicate breast tissue. The breasts contain no muscles so good support now will help to maintain good shape after birth.

There is no need to buy a specific maternity bra - any of our bras from the Everyday Comfort range will fit and support you during your pregnancy. They are all non-wired/soft-cup, superbly comfortable bras which look great and feel even better!

To find more advice on pregnancy take a look at our Nursing Community page.

Bras for Breastfeeding

Specialist non-wired nursing bras are highly recommended for breastfeeding your baby. As well as being easy, discreet and convenient to use (drop cup clips allow quick and easy access for feeding), wirefree breast feeding bras will ensure great comfort and support for your ever-changing shape.

Why should I wear wirefree bras for breastfeeding?

When looking for a nursing bra, choose one with soft, breathable fabrics, plenty of eye adjustments for flexible fit and easy drop cup clips, which you can operate one-handed (leaving the other arm free to hold your baby). Wearing poorly fitting wired bras for breastfeeding can cause issues such as damage to breast tissues, blocked milk ducts, and even mastitis as well as being extremely uncomfortable.

When should I buy my first bra for breastfeeding?

It may be best to leave buying your nursing bra until 2-4 weeks before the birth to ensure an accurate fit. Don't forget to leave enough room for breastpads, and to allow for a small increase in breast size when your milk "comes in". Lengthening the strap slightly will also give a little more room in the cup for those very full moments before a feed. Our Blossom Nursing bra is designed to offer good support and excellent comfort along with a flexible fit throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Of course you can always wear your nursing bra as a support bra during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, bearing in mind that your ribcage will shrink after birth. And it's best to buy at least three breastfeeding bras: one to wear, one to wash, and a spare - just in case!

We've got a great range of wirefree Nursing bras to choose from, whether you're looking for a large cup nursing bra, such as our classic Charlotte style or a fashionable breast feeding bra such as Lauren, available as a matching bra and short set, there is something to suit everybody: right up to our K cup nursing bras including Sadie. Click here to take a look at all of our styles within the Nursing range.

For further advice on breastfeeding visit our Nursing Community page for organisations that may be able to offer you further information and support