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Pure, soft and pretty, Grace is a Royce classic, offering high cotton content and fantastic support up to a FF cup. So delightfully comfortable you may just forget you’re wearing it. And now our best-selling Comfort bra year after year is available in SKIN.

Available in black, skin or white.


84% Cotton, 9% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Caring for this bra:

At Royce Lingerie our garments can be safely machine washed on a cool (30 degrees), delicate/gentle cycle or hand washed. We recommend that your bras are placed in a lingerie or mesh bag and that all hooks are done up before placing them into the washing machine. Always separate your darks, lights, and whites to avoid colour bleeding.

Drying and storage:

Royce Lingerie garments can be tumble dried on a low heat or dried naturally. We recommend that you do not to leave them in direct sunlight as this may damage the colours. The best way to store bras is to place them vertically in a drawer and stack them one behind the other, this will help maintain the original shape of your bra.

All Caress styles have bilateral, shaped pockets* to hold a prosthesis as standard. However, if none of these styles are suitable for you, many of the bras from our Fashion and Everyday ranges can have pockets added upon request.

*Shaped Pockets

These pockets are designed to sit within the shape of the bra cup and are fitted, bilaterally, to all bras in the Caress range. Caress bras can be worn by anyone – not just ladies who have had a mastectomy.

Flat Pockets

These pockets differ from those found in our Caress bras as they are flat and added in after manufacture. We would recommend these pockets for ladies needing a larger cup as flat pockets sit flush against the chest and will hold larger prostheses more securely without the risk of excess fabric interfering with the fit and comfort of the bra.

Caress for Everybody

Our Caress bras can be worn by anyone, if there’s no prosthesis the pockets will act as a cotton liner in the cup.  If you love the style, just wear it!

Adding Pockets: Left / Right / Both = £5 per pocket (£4.17 ex VAT)

Colours available: Choose a colour

  • Blk
  • Skin


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36 36B BLK 36C BLK 36D BLK 36DD BLK 36E BLK 36F BLK 36FF BLK
38 38B BLK 38C BLK 38D BLK 38DD BLK 38E BLK 38F BLK 38FF BLK
40 40B BLK 40C BLK 40D BLK 40DD BLK 40E BLK 40F BLK 40FF BLK
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Also available in white!

513 Grace White

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